Artist's Statement

Belief in the transformative quality of art -- with nature as a unifying theme -- is the core of Rasa's ever-evolving rich and varied creative path. Commissions and exhibitions -- internationally -- have encompassed landscape design, fine art, color consultation, graphics, and photography.

My intention -- in channeling creative energy, whether in paintings, gardens, or various design work -- is always to include the viewer as participant, as the essential element to complete the circle -- to provide the story, environment -- the path to soothe one's soul.
For almost half a century, I've been engaged in artistic expression. Employing design, art therapy, studies in color theory and its psychological effects, creates functional and intuitive approaches to problem solving, and allows me to express myself, while assisting others.
Partnership with Russell Chamberlain for the last 20 years, and a team of skilled professionals has enabled us to work comprehensively on projects of all sizes.

We welcome inquiries for:
--Landscape design projects--from design through installation of fully realized garden environments
--Fine art, illustration and photography
--Commissions for private and corporate collections and publications
--Color consultation for residential and commercial environments