This Pacific Palisades, CA property, provided the opportunity to transform an initially challenging house. With customized color, inside and out, and selected doors and windows, the structure took on a different personality. A flagstone driveway inter-planted with low fragrant herbs, a walled garden with fountain(doubling as a blind for pool equipment), retiled swimming pool, and large terra cotta pots planted with Magnolias and colorful pelargoniums, enhanced the front yard.
The rear, with existing deck, was dressed with pots relating to the front plantings. The hillside was cleared, leaving several well-established pittisporum and quercus trees, terraced, planted with olives, citrus, peppers, platanus, then underplanted in areas with lantana and pelargoniums for color and hydroseeded with deeply rooting red fescue, blue lupins, and California poppies, for erosion control and to create a park-like environment.
Working closely with the owner, on both interior placement of her fine antiques and art objects, and getting a sense of environment needed to provide a therapeutic and contemplative retreat, resulted in a home and garden as unique and beautiful as she is.