"Watching the gardens come alive following the construction of a new home is an exciting time. That first glimpse of green, replacing the otherwise arid landscape of dirt and concrete is exhilarating to be sure. A wonderful metamorphosis takes place as the garden matures, and a skilled, creative designer's vision really comes together.
Texture, scale, fragrance, framework, and of course color, all begin to paint the picture...
The most fulfilling, for those of us lucky enough to live surrounded by these gardens, is getting out there and enjoying them. Personally, I like mornings best, walking the grounds while the morning dew still blankets the landscape, and the sun sends contrasting shadows across the hilltop.
Colors "pop", and I swear, the trees, shrubs and flowers just look "happy".
As I walk the gardens, I often stop and study the scene, each season, always discovering some new perspective-- some snippet of beauty I hadn't noticed before... It gives me great comfort and contentment to come home from a hard day at work to let the tensions of the day slip away as the peaceful, soothing, relaxing gardens work their magic.
Thank you Rasa and Russ !"
-- Joe and Norma Hinkens